No-one involved with defence or working within defence industries will be blind to the constant threat of a sophisticated cyber attack. Such is the risk that in mid 2013 the UK Government joined forces with a group of Britain’s leading defence and security companies to launch the Defence Cyber Protection Partnership (DCPP), aimed at bolstering the security of the UK against cyber attack through action within the defence industry.

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This group has identified a series of specific initial aims, these being to increase awareness of cyber risks across the supply chain; define risk-driven approaches to applying cyber security standards, and sharing threat intelligence.

The work that the DCPP does will, in time, filter down to defence industries across the nation, but wisdom dictates that all businesses and organisations in the defence supply chain should act pro-actively to protect their own interests as well as the interests of those they supply.

Working with Axiom Cyber Intelligence will not only do just that, it will prove to suppliers and clients alike that you take cyber risk serious and are intent on dealing with it. Axiom will work with you to define a risk-based and coherent approach to implementing cyber security standards across your organisation and, if applicable, your supply chain partners.

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Cyber security is not just for larger, high profile companies and organisations. It’s vital for anyone who has information of value, information that others might want to use, steal or simply destroy. If you're reading this page, this probably means you! Why risk it? It must be worth half an hour of your time to talk to us, and we'll be happy to help or advise you as to the best way forward.

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