Public Sector

Cyber security in the public sector revolves around the need to sustain public confidence. It doesn’t need us to tell you of the vital need for Government, both national and local, to be seen to be bastions of responsibility, taking the lead in protecting us all from any threat that calls into question the ability to manage the status quo. Anything that threatens the stability of our environment must be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

In what is clearly a war against ever increasing attack the tactics used by “the enemy” are constantly evolving. Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more targeted, and they’re not limited to public sector departments. They extend to the supply chain that keeps the public sector in business – utilities, telecoms, banks – and the critical national infrastructure supporting that supply chain.

It is the highly interconnected nature of our modern “systems of systems” that requires an ongoing risk-based approach – balancing technical with non-technical threat mitigation methods, where success will be judged by the ability of an organisation to continue with its critical functions and business operations despite hostile activities.

That’s why you need Axiom Cyber Security. Our experience in leading a number of central Government infrastructure transformation programmes for, amongst others, the Ministry of Justice, and our accreditation for the first Government Cloud with the Home Office, is your guarantee of our ability to protect your organisation.
Focussing on resilience at the business process level, while driving a balanced approach to investment in your IT security, we will work with you to define a risk-based and coherent approach to implementing cyber security standards across your organisation and, if applicable, your supply chain partners.

It's a minefield, isn't it? And it seems that the more you know, the more you need to know. The good news is that highly professional experienced help is at hand. Us! So why not contact us for an initial discussion to find out what we could do to protect your area of responsibility? It will be time well spent, we promise.

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