Cyber Security - An Introduction

7th November 2016 Cyber Security - An Introduction

Cyber Security is now a common business phrase, but what does it actually mean?

Axiom Cyber Intelligence are leaders in Cyber Security and they have put together a short film in the hope of reducing confusion and increasing awareness.

Cyber security, Computer security, information security or IT security all mean the same thing which is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and

 to the information on them.

To show you how important cyber security can be let’s reflect on

recent events

TalkTalk....Carphone Warehouse......Ashley Madison or Sony 

You know we have a cybercrime problem when the national body in charge of fighting it – Britain’s National Crime Agency – is itself targeted by hackers, as happened in September 2015.

Cybercrime hasn’t crept up on us – it’s roared into our rear-view mirrors like a juggernaut.

The digital revolution has turned your laptop into a portable recording studio, casino or film-editing suite. In the same way, software is available which enables small-time cyber-criminals to mix it up with the big boys.

Loss of money According to a McAfee report of June 2014, cybercrime costs the world economy more than $400bn (£260bn); to put that into perspective, the global aid budget comes to about $100bn a year.
Loss of data


Are you Confused by:

Social engineering
Cyber attack


The good news is that not every threat applies to you and with using you IT systems properly you can reduce the risks and protect your information.

If you do not know what your threats are, what your sensitive information is give us a call or take our free online Cyber temperature test