Cyber Essentials Boost

18th April 2017 Cyber Essentials Boost

The government has said it will be pushing for more companies to gain certification to the Cyber Essentials scheme


The scheme is backed by the government and contains five key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent the majority of cyber attacks, however it hasnt yet been successfully marketed by the Goverment.

The plan was announced by the minister for digital and culture, Matt Hancock, during last month’s cyber security summit at the Institute of Directors in London. 


“Numbers are really starting to grow,” he said. “Already, we’ve awarded more than 6,000 certificates to date, with the numbers more than tripling in the past year.”


According to Mr Hancock, this growth proves that Cyber Essentials is “an effective tool which can be built on to achieve greater security in our organisations”.  

The government now requires all of its suppliers that handle sensitive data to hold a Cyber Essentials certificate, but Mr Hancock said that it will now be “strengthening this requirement to ensure even more of our contractors take up the scheme”


Cyber Essentials is a great base level for Cyber Security and may be all you need to protect your business from the various cyber attacks which are increasing in quantity and gravity.  

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