Real IT Winners

17th May 2017 Real IT Winners

Axiom Cyber Intelligence working on behalf of Xoserve have struck gold at the Real IT Awards 2017 (RITA)

The RITA Awards reflect the growing contribution IT makes to a business as it meets challenges through sheer innovation, technical expertise and accomplished delivery. At the Real IT Awards, IT peers recognise each other for their big ideas, big ambitions and huge success in meeting and exceeding business goals

Congratulations on winning the Innovation in Security Awareness Award.

Criteria for the Innovation in Security Awareness Award

Security Awareness activities strive to change behaviours of individuals which in turn strengthens the security culture within an organisation. This award will recognise innovative, interactive and effective solutions to engage end users and increase their cyber security awareness.

Cyber Security Expert Paul Bird has been working with Xoserve on an innovative cyber security campaign which saw a Superhero Vs Evil themed storyline take a twisting journey through the Cyber Security month’s activities.

From comic book story boards, informative awareness sessions to superhero style videos, the whole workforce at Xoserve came together to raise awareness of the risks of poor Cyber Security and the ways in which each person can protect the organisation.

The theme was current and on trend, it awakened each staff member’s inner superhero and allowed the organisation to come together and enjoy cyber security training and awareness. Gone are the days of Boring cyber security lectures.

Paul Bird said ‘Not only was it good fun to work on the production of this campaign but to be the lead on running it, putting cyber security to the forefront in a new innovative way helped increase the interaction that staff members had with the campaign.’

‘To have been recognised by a long-established community of some of the largest UK and international companies is amazing’ Paul Bird

This is a fantastic achievement for all involved, a well-deserved award.