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Cyber Security doesn’t belong in the IT Department, it’s not someone else’s business, something that happens to other people in other organisations.

There’s no logic to hacking, to the placing of malware. There’s often no malice in the unintentional mistake that leaves information wide open for anyone to steal if they so choose.

We put physical walls around our buildings, lock up our paperwork and then leave our systems unprotected and our workforce ignorant to the risks.

At Axiom Cyber Intelligence we know that it’s vital to change the perception and mind-set of the entire workforce, of everyone involved, as a fundamental step towards achieving cyber security. Once stakeholders know the implications of their actions, or lack of actions, the protective systems put in place to protect your IT and Telecoms will add up to a unified approach to counter any cyber attack that may occur.

Educating your staff in order to strengthen your organisation's cybersecurity is crucial to ensuring effective cyber-safety. Training is vital, and Axiom will work with you to provide this as:

All designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation, and run as often as required, and at the levels required to achieve complicity.

Cyber security is everyone's responsibility, but until your people are made aware of the risks and how to avoid them you'll remain open to attack. Where do you start? Ring us now to see how our training can dramatically increase awareness in your business or organisation.

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